Tuesday, August 21, 2007


My brother, Walt, and his wife, Annie, have started a blog. Hip hip hooray! (Now I can keep up with them when they move to Germany in a few months. Which is good. Perhaps that will make them feel closer and help me feel like less of a sad sister - thereby keeping me from sobbing a river and embarrassing myself and everyone else involved at Christmas and other moments when they're supposed to be present. Ah. It'll be a magic blog!)

Annie is a great writer - her stories are always hugely interesting and entertaining. (Although they're even better in person, when you get Annie Animation and Expressions along with the hilariousness). And Walt is Photographer Extraordinaire. Seriously, his pictures are amazing. (Although his Randomness-Of-Walt stories are equally amazing. The boy is a HOOT! He's not kidding when he says he forgets the joke punch line two seconds before he's supposed to deliver it. He rambles his way through ten minutes of story, back-tracking and weaving this whopper tale, only to say, "Oh. Wait. I forgot how it went..." right at the end. You'd want to clunk him upside the head, were he not so loveable and fun!)

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Blogging, guys. Now that you have an audience, you can put aside the missions work. You have an obligation to dazzle and entertain!


P.S. The "Concert Tour" idea is a great one. I'm telling you, these girls can SING! All three sisters (Sarah, Molly, and Annie) are fantastic. And they harmonize like they're one super-cool voice. It's amazing! They are like "Sing-On-CMT" good (or some other station, if that was an insult). I have both of their CD's (here's one ), and by golly, I'm needing another one!

Unfortunately, I'm afraid I won't be a speck of help actually organizing the tour. I know that isn't really a news flash. (I'm having a hard enough time organizing my silverware drawer these days.) But you can bet your booties I'll be front-and-center to hear you guys at one or more of the locations. Woo hoo! Go Plain Seam!

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