Saturday, August 11, 2007

Shattered Dreams

Today during the ride to Target, I was belting out some Pink "U & Ur Hand" for all I was worth. (...Yeah. I know. Not really Barney, huh.)

I was really getting into it, complete with hand air-pumping and seat-dancing...

"I'm not here for your entertainment. You don't really want to mess with me tonight..."

When all of a sudden, I hear a little Sophie voice from the back seat:

"Hey, Mama? Let's just let the radio people sing it, okay?"


Man. Ouch!

There go my delusions of a singing career. ...And here I thought I was ready to fulfill my true calling.


Number 31 said...

Hey now...I've heard you sing before...and it's not that bad. C'mon Sophs!

Perhaps it was just the song selection... ;-)


sarah p said...

That's good stuff.
I'm picturing you rockin' out in the car with Sophie rolling her eyes like a teenager. =)

I always want to sing out loud in the car to that song, too!

Anonymous said...

YIkes! From the mouths of babes....reality! Why couldn't she just let you have a Kareoke moment undisturbed? Love, Mooms

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