Monday, August 27, 2007

Too Much Time On My Hands

Okay. Probably not the words you expected me to utter right now. But after working like a Yard Mule this weekend to get ready for the packers, now that the packers are here, I am a woman with way too much time on her hands. (I know - so not something to complain about.)

Sophie isn't too thrilled with our job as "Watchers" and "Stay-Out-Of-The-Way-ers". Poor Sophs. She so wants to be in the thick of things, assisting in all wrapping and packing endeavors. She told me this morning, "But Mama, the Package Mans need my help. I need to put paper and tape on stuff." (Oh, yeah, Sophs. I bet you do!)

So now she is down for her nap (although probably not for long with all of the banging and box-assembling and "Hey, Pete, throw me that tape!" that's going on). And here I am, kicked back in a chair: a Woman of Leisure.

While upstairs at the computer, waiting to be fanned and fed some grapes, I came across some serious niftiness on one of the blogs I frequent. Just LOOK. Holy crikies, are these not the coolest necklaces in the entire world? However, at a mere $109 per necklace ($109!!), I think perhaps they will remain items I covet, but do not purchase. ...Okay, Russell, let me re-word that: I know they will remain items I covet, but do not purchase.

But look at "joy", "earth", and "champagne". Oh, man. Drool. Wouldn't it be nice to be so stinking rich you could just be-jewel yourself with "vintage glass and lucite beads from all over the world"?

Ahhh. Dreams.


P.S I was going to include a picture of the "Boxes Forts" (as Sophs is calling the piles all around us), until I remembered I had packed my camera docking station. ...Kind of like, I was going to take a shower this morning until I remembered I had packed all of the towels. Whoops.


sarah p said...

goodness gravy! i could make us some "joy" "earth" and "champagne" for about 15 bucks. those are really cute! i'll log that away as an inspiration piece.

don't you just LOVE that you aren't having to pack your house? after we moved to Cinci and had packers/movers - i swore (or threatened dave that he better stick with this company) that we'd never go back to plain ole "moving it ourselves". how boring. it is so nice to let someone else deal with the mess of it all. heck, just having someone show up with enough boxes and tape for your house is a feat in itself. we looked for days! weeks! for boxes when we moved out of our apartment into our first house. anywho, i'm sure Sophie is just loving all the activity! will you stay the night in your house tonight or are you hitting the road this evening?

go out and buy some grapes and a big fan for sophie to fan you with. =)

Kristy said...

Tonight will be our last night in our casa. We'll go to a hotel tomorrow night, since everything will be packed for the loaders early Wednesday morning. The movers return tomorrow for Day 2 of packing (the upstairs). Man, the poor Kitchen Guy is STILL in the kitchen. He's really efficient at packing, but there are just SOOOO many breakable things in there. Everything the man wraps is intricate. He's going to have nightmares tonight about dishes, pottery, and glasses...oh,my.

Oh, this is hilarious...

The Kitchen Guy looks EXACTLY like Brett Michaels from Poison (or at least how he looked in the eighties - long white, blond hair, ice blue eyes...same facial bone structure, same build) - it's bizzarre!

Anyway, I was telling mom that Brett Michaels showed up this morning to pack us. She asked who that was, and I told her.

To which she said (serious as can be)...

"Oh, man. His career must have really gone downhill to be doing packing now."


Val said...

Sarah, I'll put in an order for your version of "champagne." Those are really cute!

sarah p said...

Yea, I heard Brett Michaels was making a killing packing houses now. That is TOO good. Your sweet momma. =)

I remember the kitchen guy at our house - he spent the whole day there too. I would hate to draw the short straw for that room. yeck.

Jared and Rachel had some funny packers when they left their house here in Cinci. One of the guys introduced himself as "Groovy". I kid you not. He was a riot. At one point, I was upstairs vacuuming one of the bedrooms and he was singing along with the radio AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS to Sweet Child of Mine. It was hilarious. And, he never missed a grunt or a wail...he knew the song and he ROCKED it. Interesting people, these packers...

Kristy said...

Yes. You're right. Packers are definitely interesting.

Brett shared two "interesting" pieces of information just out-of-the-blue, as I was preparing Sophie's formula:

1.) A packing story, involving the interesting things people want him to pack, not suitable for the blog. I'm sure I was red/purple when he got to the shocking part of the tale.

2.) That he smokes weed. Not smoked (past tense). Smokes. As in possibly on the drive over this morning. ...But he told me not to worry, he never touches alcohol. Ahh. Good.

Something about my face must say "feel free - share your life and stories with me" because I remember this happening the last time we moved too.

Brett, too, was rocking it out while listening to his iPod. And I had to run upstairs to keep from laughing out loud - He was singing "Every Rose Has It's Thorn".

Anonymous said...

O.K., daughter. You told me you wouldn't "share" what I said! Re: the jewels. I have always known that I'm not a jewelry person. Looking at those glass chunks strewn on a string reinforces that fact! I didn't think they were one bit pretty. Oh, well. Love, MOoms

Kristy said...

Hi, Mooms-

Actually, I just remained silent about your Brett comment.

Translation: I will not devote an entire post to what you said. I will just discuss it in the comments section. =)

Regarding the "glass chunks strewn on a string"...

THAT was another hoot of a comment.

sarah p said...

what is it with Guns & Roses and packers? It's like a cult following...

Kristy said...

Oh, man...

I think "chlorine" is my new favorite.

Blues and greens. Nice.

I'd like to place an order for one of each of my favorites, Necklace Maker Sarah. =)

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