Saturday, August 18, 2007

Talking To Solomon

Well, if this video clip isn't the cutest stinking thing in the entire world, I don't know what is!

And cuter still was Sophie saying, long after the ending beep on the answering machine had sounded:

"Wait, wait, Solomon! I am moving in August! I do want to swim with you! Wait! Hi, it's Sophie, your cousin!"

...And THIRTY-ish (I'm not even kidding!) play-backs later, she was still pushing the button and "talking to" her sweet cousin. She even told him at one point, "Uh oh. Hold on, I have to go tee-tee!"

Then from the bathroom around the corner, with the message still playing, she yelled, "Hey, Solomon? It's Sophie! Can you hear me? I love you! Don't go!"


The countdown to Moving Day is on. I cannot wait to get these two Cuties closer together (and finally meet Baby Nora)!

(*Lis, Sophie told me she needs to tell Sol about her pinata and about dancing with Chuck E. Cheese, so we'll call you guys later this afternoon, after naptime, for a real cousin-to-cousin discussion.)


Anonymous said...

I have just spent the last hour catching up with your life, I'm a little behind as we just got back from holiday!
What scares me is I think both my girls are your Sophie. Hope just looks like her - Amy is her! I'm refering to the 'Mad dash around Dillards' story. We get that every time we go in a shop with Amy!! I always leave feelin a yelling, bad mother that cannot control her child! Also we've experienced the bead up the nose! First trip ever to the hospital ( I always knew it would be with Amy). In case you need to know for future times, over here they get the parent to blow into the other nostril to dislodge the bead. It worked for us. Amy was just so pleased that it was a PINK bead!!
Love Sally

Kristy said...


Hi, buddy. Great to hear from you!

Sheesh. Can you believe the things these kiddos do?? Sophie certainly keeps us entertained and on our toes, I'll give the little toot that!

Yes,Sophs would have agreed with Amy on the "pink bead" part. She put a pink mini marshmallow up her nose the other day and was just THRILLED that it made a "pink bleed".

Ugh. ;)

P.S Russ can't wait to catch up with his Hendrix box mate in a month or so. I'm sending some disposable cameras with him, so make sure he snaps plenty of pictures of your family and the beautiful England sights. Hugs!

Val said...

So cute! I love how she says "Soloman."

Mackenzie loves watching the clips of Sophie!

sarah p said...

This is just precious! They're the best of friends, I can tell! She looks so proud when she's talking to him. =) So glad you guys will be closer to them!

Anonymous said...

I'm like Sophie---just couldn't stop pushing that play button over and over! Her curls have a life of their own! It surely will be fun to get all our grandchildren in the same time zone! Love, Mooms

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