Friday, August 24, 2007

What Prompted The Sudden Discovery Of My Girly Side Last Night At 10:07

THIS was on the ceiling.

Some sort of giant mutant New Mexico Red Ant-Wasp-Beetle Creature. It was hovering over the couch, watching us while we ate our popcorn. Breathing. And wiggling its claw feely-thingies and stinger.

Me: "Whoa. Russell? There's something on the ceiling that needs whacking."

Russ: "Okay (handing me a napkin). Whack it."

Me: "Or. No, thank you. ...That, and because God deemed it so, is why you get to be the Head of the House."

1 comment:

sarah p said...

I agree completely. If we're both home - Dave gets the privilege of doing such things, too.

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