Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ducky's Done!

I've been getting a lot of requests lately for videos of Sophie. Apparently everyone wants to see the Little Toot in action.

I thought these two clips would be good choices to start with, even though they're from November. This footage is legendary in our family (probably because it so nicely showcases our spunky little Soph's cantankerous personality). Both videos are from the night that Sophie decided to drag her step-ladder over to the microwave and cook us a delicious dinner of "Roasted Rubber Ducky and Metal Cup". I was going to write up the story behind what happened. But I think it'll be pretty obvious from the commentary in the clips.

The only part not on the video is when we removed her flaming hot masterpiece from the microwave with a pair of tongs. As soon as Sophie saw the steaming Ducky with his slightly melted-off beak, smelling so burnt-rubbery fantastic, she exclaimed (with Master Chef flair), "Ducky's done!"

The first clip we call "A Problem". (Or as Sophie says, "A pwwwwob-lem.")

The second one we'll call "Stuck". (A state Sophie finds herself in a lot.)


*A big thanks to Mark for doing the QuickTime to YouTube conversion. We are all aware that I am pretty much a Technological Nitwit. Just starting the computer up is enough of a challenge for me. Without his handy-dandy skills, things like this would NOT be possible. So, woo hoo -thanks, buddy!


Val said...

Yey, thanks for the video clips! Sophie is a doll. I love how she says, "a problem." So cute!

I cracked up at the previous post. She needs to go on "kids say the darndest things."
Mackenzie needs a big filter too! Over here, they play unedited Snoop music in the mall, McDonalds, wherever. So, she's been coached against saying some choice 4-letter words. =)

Herdingcats said...

Thanks for the video clips. She's adorable! I can see how she will be as an adult, her mannerisms and style of speech. What a love.

Hope the reflux is getting better.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness! I cannot imagine how you felt in Hobby Lobby when THAT popped out of her mouth! I think you need one of those dog muzzles! Love, Mooms P.S. Your flower shot is gorgeous and very impressive.

sarah p said...

LOVE the videos!

more, more, more!!!

she sounds like another nationality when she says "problem". so cute! I'm impressed that you've got videos posted already...I'm scared to death to try it. I'll have to venture out and do that soon...

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