Sunday, August 12, 2007

Said the Rancher Husband to his Very Pregnant Wife...

Russ's sister is due with her first baby in a couple of weeks. (Yippee! Come on Cousin Brody-Dax-Sam-Wyatt-Cooper-Carter!! Sophie is as anxious for your arrival as the rest of us! Every night she prays for a "helfy and really cute" baby cousin. ...Good going, Sophs, get it right with God - no ugly babies allowed in this family! Hee.)

As the Big Day gets closer and closer, Amanda is becoming (understandably) more and more nervous. Excited. But a wee bit freaked out. You can hear it in her slightly-shaky voice. She's starting to do that whole "Scenario Girl" thing. (...You know, that thing I have a tendency to do pretty much constantly.)

Here is laid-back Uncle Rob's version of encouragement...

Amanda: "What happens if in some remote area between Mena and the Hot Springs hospital I lose cell coverage and go into for-real labor?"

Rob: "Not a problem. I've pulled plenty of calves."


Anonymous said...

I'll give you one better, your dad will surely appreciate this one. Friday night I was home alone & feeling some strange sensations that were a little different than all the others. Of course I had called Mom for her to reassure me that I would definately know if I was going into labor, something that I have done numerous times over the past couple of months. Rob came home & I asked him to run me a bath. Soaking in the tub & feeling somewhat better, I asked him to call Mom & give her an update. During their conversation, she told him that surely he would know when it was the real deal. His reply: "I was thinking that I would just put her out in the pasture & if she goes off by herself away from the rest of the herd, we will know it's time!" You just gotta love him!

Kristy said...

Oh my GOSH!

That is hysterical. =)

sarah p said...

that's funny...what a cute belly she has!

love the new design, by the way...

Kristy said...

Hey Amanda,

I talked to my dad today. He said having delivered both calves and babies, he would offer this advice to Rob:

"If you end up having to help deliver Amanda on the way to the hospital, as long as you don't use the Come-A-Long during the pulling, you should be just fine."

Very helpful, don't you think? =)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Amanda has the prettiest pregnant belly I've ever seen! It looks like a touched-up photo. Love, Mooms

Kristy said...

Okay, apparently I need to clarify:

That is not Amanda's belly.

That is just some random woman in a magazine, who happens to have a cute belly.

I didn't have a shot of Amanda's belly. ...Nor did I figure she would let me take one just two weeks from delivering. ...Or draw a smiley face on it, for that matter. =)

KimV said...

Oh this sounds like my husband! actually he DID bring a calf pulling chain as a joke to my first should have seen the dr.'s facw when he showed it to him :)
Kim V.

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