Sunday, August 5, 2007

Just Plain Sophie

Russ and Sophie have been going to the community pool almost every day this summer (after he gets home from work - sweet man!), giving mom some much needed "ahhhh" time at the end of my nutty I-Want-Off-This-Ride day. It's kind of like getting to punch the clock for an hour or so. (Although I don't know if it really counts as "punching the clock" since I immediately go into Crazy Cleaner mode, trying to finally do everything I haven't gotten to do with my little helper around.) It's a great little break for me...and it's good for Sophie too. She gets to release lots of energy and make some friends. She always returns home out-of-breath, with stories of: That girl played splash with me. That lifeguard told me, "No running!" That funny boy can swim under the water, just like Nemo!

Yesterday when they returned home, Sophie informed me, "Mama, I'm Curly."

I said (fiddling with her wet ringlets), "I know, honey. You are very curly!"

She told me, "No. I Curly, not Sophie."

I looked up at Russ for clarification...

He told me that Sophs had been playing with some girls at the pool. They were older than her, probably eight-ish, and they asked her what her name was. She told them, and they said, "Oh, Sophia, that's such a pretty name!"

She said (waving her hand dramatically side-to-side in "you-are-MISTAKEN!" fashion), "No, no. I'm Sophie."

(For some reason, when she pronounces it, sometimes she trails off at the end with an "a" it does sound like "Sophia".)

The girls looked confused. Understandably.

Sophie was confused as well. She looked up at Russ, like "What's up with these kooky girls?". So she clarified (speaking slowly and enunciating, to clear up any confusion): "It's Sophie. SOOOOO-PHIE. Like Sophie. Just plain Sophie."

One girl turned to the other girl and then turned to Sophie, "How 'bout if we just call you Curly, okay?"

Sophie's eyes lit up. She grinned, Cat-That-Ate-The-Canary style and said, "O. KAY!"


sarah p said...

oh, i LOVE it!

Curly it is.

Anonymous said...

Sophie, I beg to differ. Plain, you ain't! Love, Mooms

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