Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fun with Number Thirty-One

My best buddy since childhood, Mark (a.k.a "Number Thirty-One"), came to visit us this past weekend. Partly because he needed a break from all of the other computer geeks demanding his attention at work. But mostly because we're moving from Albuquerque in twenty-one days and, horror of horrors, his Dion's pizza connection will be no more! This trip out was kind of a Last Chance hoorah. (I have to tell ya, the boy was cramming pizza down at every opportunity in quite an impressive display of Eating Frenzy. Not that I blame him, of course, it really is that good! Farewell, sweet Dion's, you'll be greatly missed. Sniff.)

Here's a little Fun-Through-Photos assortment of our visit together...

*Hanging out in Old Towne, waiting for me to peruse the massive selection of fabulous turquoise and silver jewelry. YES! (Even for men with fairly substantial amounts of patience, this was probably pushing the limits of testosterone a wee bit.)

*Watching the Albuquerque Isotopes play baseball, while happily munching on the real reason why we were there. Mmm mmm! (Yes. I look a tad Psycho-Girl-Pizza-Eater, but hey, this pizza makes you hunker down with gusto! And obviously, since Mark is sans goatee and we are all bundled in cold-weather garb, this shot of the three of us is from a different trip out to the ballpark. But it's one of my all-time favorites, so I included it.)

*Celebrating another Trivial Pursuit victory. (And delighting in the fact that the Nuclear Genius was bested yet again. Poor Russ. Defeat is not something he is at all familiar with. ...And for those of you who might be wondering, no, he doesn't wear his Second Place ribbon particularly well.)

*Waiting for The Grillmaster to produce some yummy steaks and corn-on-the-cob from the grill. DE-lish! (Of course, being the Camera Freak that I am, I had to capture all moments. Nothin' says love like turning your back on a blazing hot grill for a cuddle-cheese! photo. Like Russell's slightly annoyed Honey-I'm-In-The-Middle-Of-Basting-Some-Beef expression?)

*And, of course, playing with sweet Sophaletta. The girl loves her Uncle Mark! And he loves her back, as evidenced by the fact that he lets her touch his beloved computer.

Thanks, buddy, for making the trip out. As always, we had a most marvelous time! Come back soon. Hugs.


Number 31 said...

Thanks for having me! As always...I had a great time!

Unfortunately, work greeted me with a vengeance when I got back. :-(

Kristy said...

Are you saying you need a vacation from your vacation?

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