Monday, August 27, 2007

Farewell Lovely New Mexico...

Despite my big, fat rant the other day, there are definitely some things about The Land of Enchantment we will miss. Man, can you believe how beautiful and unique the landscape is around here?

The packers arrive in about an hour. Holy crimole, it's really REAL! Sophie is sooo confused right now. We spent all weekend spackling holes and cleaning out closets and giving the pantries one last purging. Sophs kept asking, "Why we putting glue in the wall? ...Why we throwing that away?" We also packed several boxes to go in the van with us. ...Or we tried to, anyway. Every time we turned around, Sophie was taking stuff back out of the boxes and putting it into the laundry basket she was hauling around. Then she would run off to her room with her stash and hide in the corner with it, standing guard over her little pile, with this face like, "Grrr. Stay away!" Our own little pittbull. And before bed last night, when we went in her room to take down her curtains...oh, man, did that ever throw her for a loop! "WAIT, Mama! Daddy! I need those! Those stay here with me!" We tried explaining that neither the curtains nor she was staying, that both were going to relocate to her new room in Fayetteville. But she wouldn't have any part of what we were saying. "Oh, no! Stop wadding them! My curtains like it up there. In Alquerque!"

Poor child. I know this whole process must be confusing. None of the trips home to Mena have involved a packing quite like this! When the curtains start coming down, you know you're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

So anyway, it's bye for now. That means the blog will be "out of commission" for the next week or so while the computer is on the moving truck. Until I can get set up again (or get my hands on a laptop), I bid you, my faithful three readers, farewell. When I write next, it will be from our new home in The Natural State. Trees. Grass. People who understand the use of "y'all". Here we come, Arkansas!

Woo Pig Sooie!!


sarah p said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL photos! I'm regretting not ever going to visit you there. =(

So glad that packers/movers are there. Yea! it's really happening! =)

Can't wait for your first Arkansas post!

Anonymous said...

I do have to admit that I will miss visiting Albuquerque. But, I won't miss visiting YOU in A. because I'll be LOVING visiting you in Arkansas!!!! Woo-pig-sooie back! Love, Mooms

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