Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Now all we need is the boiled cabbage.

Ever since the packers left, my house smells like Red Beans and Rice, my least favorite dish in the entire world growing up. Mom served it with boiled cabbage and cornbread, and my dad thought it was the greatest thing ever. He would sit there with this big yummy-grin on his face all through the meal. Me. Not so much. I would always try to sneak an invite to a friend's house for dinner if I knew we were having it that night. Just the smell of it cooking when I would get home from school would be enough to make me want to toss my cookies. Walt was in agreement. We both used the very effective Hold-Our-Nose-And-Rapidly-Chew method of choking the stuff down.

I've gone my whole adult life without having to smell that smell.

And now my ENTIRE house reeks of it. Seriously. It's everywhere. I'm sure I'm going to have visions of kidney beans and sausages dancing in my head when I try and fall asleep tonight.

What in the world??

Since the packers didn't have any Mutant B.O issues, I'm assuming it's the smell of cardboard, maybe?

I've been going around squirting "Citrus Burst" everywhere to try and de-funkify the air. ...So far it's just creating Essence of Orange Red Beans and Rice.

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