Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The world through Sophie's eyes...

This morning I was cooking up some eggs Kristy-style (scrambled, with green chilies and chives, a little spicy salsa, a pinch of salt and pepper, and a bit of cheddar cheese on top). Mmm. It was starting to smell major YUM. When I realized, wait. What do I hear? Nothing. I don't hear a thing.

Where is Sophie?

Silence is never, ever good where Sophie is concerned. (Because it does not mean she is quietly perusing a book, like her cousin, Sol. It most often means she is using a Sharpie marker in a variety of creative, yet unapproved, ways.)

I turn off the burner to investigate and find her sitting in the pantry. In the dark with the door closed. Softly humming "Jesus Loves Me" to herself. All the while happily poking holes into the trashbag with a pair of chopsticks.


"Hi, there, Mama! What'cha doing?"

"Um. Perhaps a better question is -- What are you doing?"

"I'm poking holes in the trash." (Ask an obvious question. Get an obvious answer.)

"I see that. Why are you poking holes in the trashbag?"

(She says with this "Well, sheesh, Mom..." tone of voice:) "The trash needs some air."

I explain to her that the trashbag now has quite enough holes in it to give it quite enough air. I inform her that she is done with her Hole Poking project, and I ask her to please relinquish her handy chopsticks over to me.

She gets this excited look on her face as she hands them over...

"You wanna poke some holes now, Mama?!"

Ah, Sophie. Never a dull moment.


Robert English said...

What a smart little girl...everything needs to breathe, right? Why not the trash too? Good thing she knows that already!
I'm really enjoying your stories!

Kristy said...

Robert, buddy!

I've enjoyed reading updates on your family too. (Russ forwards me the emails and pictures.)

Your little girl is an absolute DOLL. I never imagined a "little Robert" could be so stinking cute (just kidding, of course). =)

sarah p said...

Such a cute story - at least it wasn't the sharpie again...or the lotion. remember the lotion? (promise me you'll do a post on the lotion and sharpie!)
i can't believe how old she looks! sheesh! i won't even recognize her at Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Dad and I loved this one! Leave it to Sophie to come up with an original idea---trash needs air! The pictures tell it all. I love the one where she's looking up and saying, "YOU want to poke holes, too?!" Too cute. Love, Mooms

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