Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Party on the Pot

This morning when Sophie went in to sit on the toilet, she told me, "Mama, I really need to be alone now." I told her that was fine (I mean, I dream of being left alone while I'm in the bathroom); someone might as well enjoy the blissful sound of silence while in there.

After a few minutes I yelled from the computer, "Sophie, you okay?"

The almost-immediate response was, "I just fine, Mama!!" (Followed by giggle, giggle.)

Of course, I went to investigate.

I found Sophie engaged in some Fun-with-Toilet-Paper festivities, having a hoot of a time shredding wads of it and throwing it up into the air.

"Look, Mama. Brr. It's snowing all on me!"

My response (other than to grab the camera, of course) was to ask that she, please, stop harassing the toilet paper. I told her, "Sophie, just poop and get off the pot."

Unphased by my fuddy-duddy attitude, she replied...

"Okay, Mama. But next, let's build a snowman!"

Serenity now.


sarah p said...

oh my word. this child...you must be WORN OUT each night after she goes to bed. =) i absolutely love the third from the last picture. that's a framer!

molly said...

your child is so stinkin cute!
congratulations on the house!

Anonymous said...

Never a dull (you wish) moment with Sophie! I love the pictures; they tell it all. Love, Mooms

Val said...

Seriously, the 3rd picture from the bottom! She is precious!

Ok, now that you have a blog, is it too soon to nag you for video clips of Sophie??? =)

Kristy said...


I would LOVE to put some video clips out there! I have some hilarious ones of the little Toot.

Unfortunately, I am a technological nitwit. It's pretty much taking ALL of my "skills" just to work out the picture part of things.

What's the process for putting clips out there? Do you upload to YouTube? And if so, that might be a problem, because all of my clips are in QuickTime format.

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