Sunday, January 11, 2009

Parade of the Kooked-Out Animal Crackers

This morning Sophs and I were sitting at the table eating some animal crackers. (Okay. I was eating some animal crackers. She was licking some animal crackers and merrily parading them around the table.) Sophie kept pausing, holding one up and asking me, "Mama, what animal is this?"

Sometimes I would have an answer, "That's a buffalo, Soph."

But more often than not, I wouldn't have the foggiest clue what kind of animal it was supposed to be. So, after a significant pause, I'd just blurt something out. A donkey! Were animal crackers this kooked out when we were growing up, or have the animal cracker makers started smoking weed while baking fun kiddie treats?

Here's my best guess at what these creatures are (left to right, top to bottom)...

Row #1: Mountain goat, chubby alligator or some sort of dolphin with legs, something in the feline family (cougar, maybe?)

Row #2: Buffalo, donkey, hippopotamus

Row #3: Kitten, horse, elephant with a raging case of elephantitis of the trunk

And notice how they all have randomly placed dimples? When I first noticed it on the "hippo", I thought the indentation was supposed to be an eye. But then I noticed several of them had their "eyes" on their legs, backs, and under their bellies. ...Or not at all. Huh.

If you are gifted in the art of Animal Distinguishing (or weed-smoking), please help me out. I'd love to be able to answer my daughter's questions with some hint of certainty in my voice the next time we have a snack.

As it is, we left the table this morning with her telling me (in a tone that would have included sighing and eye-rolling, had she been about ten years older), "Mama, you don't really know a whole lot about animals, do you?"

(This post was originally published July 27, 2007.)


sarah p said...

I'm with you on this. When I taught preschool, I often got asked what animal the crackers were...and I usually made it up. The tough ones for me are on Row 1, Middle (my guess is a polar bear) and Row 2, #1 & #3 (hyena and moose)

What in the world? Someone is smokin' a little somethin'.

Do you have any little animal encyclopedias? You should let Sophie walk in on you reading one so you can redeem yourself in the animal dept.

Robert English said...

I'm thinking the third one in the second row is a moose?

molly said...

the top right looks like a cat to me.
other than that, the guesses seem to be good...

Kristy said...


Ahh. That's why the "hippo's" ears are so wacked out.

And polar bear is a good guess for the "chubby alligator".

You guys are GOOD. =)

Mark said...

Always remember...Wikipedia has the answer to all questions: ;-)

"Stauffer's animal crackers include a lion, elephant, mountain goat, cow, house cat, camel, tiger, horse, donkey, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, buffalo (or bison) and bear. They are made in plain, chocolate graham, cinnamon graham, and iced flavors. An innovative Stauffer's feature is their plastic bear jug, which may be perpetually refilled with fresh cookies."

Animal crackers

"Kooked-Out" mystery solved. :-)

Kristy said...

Ahh, good 'ole Number Thirty One.

I can always count on you to de-kook the mysteries.

Nothing like a boy who whips out Wikipedia AND a link in his commentary. ;)

Anonymous said...

Erma Bombeck, move over. This stuff is way funnier than her stuff. Love, Mooms

Kim said...

I did a little research on your animal cracker dilemma and found this website. It has all the names of the crackers. BTW, I love reading you blog, it's always entertaining reading about what your little ones says.

Kritter Krit said...

Good 'ole Wikipedia - source of all knowledge. ;) Thanks, Kim!

Anonymous said...

It's the economy. the cutouts are "cheap and tawdry."


Jim Kochenburger said...

KritterKrit, Hey thanks for writing to me in the comments area of my blog (Jim K., Things Good Parents Do). It was good to hear from you! It is cool to be in this group. An honor to be nominated. You have a cute thing happenin' here. Keep it up, keep it up... Jim K. currently your adversary, but ongoing, a reader of Reflux (and I like Rolllercoasters)!

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