Friday, July 27, 2007

The ONLY good thing about having your house on the market...

It gives you an excuse to buy a little bouquet of fresh flowers at Sam's every week.


...Oh, and you get to go to the mall and eat ice cream and then play on the "Jumping Jaxes" play equipment while you're killing time during an Open House showing. (Check out the look on Soph's face as she goes down the slide. Sheer glee and utter dee-light. I love it! ...Oh, and the other slide, the white one, was super tall and reminded me of one of those "evacuate the crashed/burning plane" ramp slides. And, of course, Little Miss No Fear loved it as well!)


Val said...

Good grief! Sophie is a doll--so cute! I hope she and Mackenzie get to meet someday. =)

Beautiful flowers too! I love the gerber daisies. It definately cheers up a room to have a vase of fresh flowers.

Herdingcats said...

You should always have flowers in the house! The excuse is that you like them and you landed a stud! Hurray!

Very sweet little girl.

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