Friday, July 20, 2007

Marketing - By Kristy

So remember my attitude about selling houses? ...Well, here's my newest plan:

1.) I put a whole bunch of pictures of the house out on the internet (subtlely showcasing the splendor of it - using chubby-cheeked Sophie, when necessary, to sweeten its appeal).

2.) Somebody who lives in Albuquerque, or someone soon-to-be moving to Albuquerque, stumbles across it on my blog. Some random (but not psychotic) person, perhaps with a refluxer, who frequents the site because he or she really enjoys reading the mundane snippets of my life. Somebody who just so happens to be looking to buy a fabulous house in exactly this area.

3.) All of a sudden, their plan becomes clear. They can't believe their good luck. They email me and say, "Oh, Kristy! Your absolutely gorgeous little house is just what we've been dreaming of! We've searched all of New Mexico and can't find anything we like better (including any of the mansions that the builders are currently giving away for free in the subdivision across from your house)! Can we please give you this big juicy wad of cash immediately, so that you can move to your new house in Arkansas?"

4.) I will say, "Oh, well, gee...I guess you can do that."


5.) I could stop sleeping restlessly at night, having scary dreams about being homeless, due to our double mortgage payments. I could stop waking up and thinking first-thing, as soon as my eyes pop open, about how to "better" the house. I could stop shooting out of bed in the mornings like a firefighter - jumping into my clothes, making the bed, and straightening the room immediately...before I even pee (for Pete's sake!). I could stop following around my very active, very messy little toddler, cleaning up in the wake of her ever-constant destruction (attempting not to make a liar out of our real estate agent, who has described the house as "immaculate" on the brochure). I could stop pondering a plan for maintaining a (soon to be) dusty house and a (soon to be) dried-up yard from 1000 miles away. My stomach could stop eating itself and I could step away from the Maalox bottle. ...And, enough about Worrier Me, my poor husband could stop romancing the wine bottle in the evenings, in an attempt to decompress and give himself a "chilled" take on what is currently our whacked out life.

We could just reeeeeeee-lax. And start living normally again, like pigs.


Ahhh. Yes. The internet. I've heard it is a very effective get-the-word-out tool.

So, it could happen. Right?



Val said...

WOW, I LOVE the back yard!!! Did you do that yourselves, or was it like that when you moved in?

Well, we're not in the market for a house, but you did sell me on your decor. I love all the paint colors and furniture! You do a great job decorating.

And of course, Sophie in her summer gear in the first picture is a huge selling point! Great pics.

Kristy said...

Thanks, Val.

We did the back yard (with some mega help from my parents, who really are great at landscaping). It was just a giant sand pile when we moved in, if you can believe that. (I know I couldn't. I wasn't used to such, coming from AR. It looked like a big kitty litter box!)

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