Thursday, July 26, 2007

It went down my chute!

Drum roll, please...

I am thrilled to report that Sophie ate some food today!! Yahooeeeeeee!

Typically, when I have breakfast, she too asks for a plate. When I ask her, "What would you like to eat?", she starts listing off a hodge-podge of unappetizing items: "a Dorito chip and a pickle...with Cool Whip and ketchup." (Mmm. Yummy.) And then, Trained Seal that I am, I jump up and start preparing her request (in the high hopes that one day she will actually eat some little bit of what she has asked for). She never does, really, she just licks at things and/or chews stuff and spits it back out. (Are you getting a feel for why we don't go out to eat in public very often?)

This morning when I asked her what she wanted for breakfast, she said, "Um...a banana and turkey...and some hotdog cheese (a.k.a half an American cheese single, melted on a plate).

I handed her plate to her at the table, and then I set to work cleaning up the kitchen -washing dishes, unloading the dishwasher, wiping off the counters. A few minutes later, I looked over and saw that she was sitting in front of the television watching "Handy Manny"...and her plate was completely empty. I called her over and saw that her mouth was empty as well. I said, "Sophie, where did your food go?" (Typically, the answer is: in the trashcan or spit out into a napkin. But sometimes we play Guess-Where-The-Food-Is: hidden behind the couch cushion, in the plant dirt, or wadded up under her blanket. ...But never is it where food is supposed to be.)

She replied, "Mama, it went down my chute!"

She tipped her head back and opened wide to show me. Indeed, her mouth was empty! I said, "Sophie? You ate your cheese, and your banana, and your turkey? ...You swallowed it??" (Occasionally she'll eat a smidge of cheese or banana - basically holding it in her mouth until it liquefies. Turkey, however, like most everything else, she chews for an hour (literally) like gum, and then spits it all back out in a pulverized clump.)

She grinned huge, all puffed up and obviously proud of herself, "I did, Mama! I sfvallowed it all. It all went down my chute!"

(Clunk. Crash. Kaboom. Mom falls out dead on the floor...)

Hallelujah!! Thank you, Lord, for small miracles.


I felt a little goofy getting misty-eyed over a little turkey swallowing. But hey, it's my whacked out life and I'll cry if I want to! (Hee.)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Wowie!! You may call this a minor miracle, but I call it a major one! Thank You, Lord!

Re: the picture. I zeroed in on that curl beside her ear. You had the same ringlets when you were her age. It's amazing to see how God handpicks adopted children for their parents. Lots for which to be thankful today! Love, Mooms

sarah p said...

yipeeeee! this is BIG and we are celebrating with you! so glad the chute was free and clear for the turkey. thanks for sharing!

molly said...

congratulations sophie!!!

Ruth of fat loss for idiots said...

The eyes....ohhhh so cute.

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