Sunday, July 22, 2007

I do it!

So, I get it: The importance of cultivating responsibility and independence and a good work ethic in your children. I really do get that those are right up there at the top of the "Goals of Parenting" List.

I also think Sophie's helpful spirit is one of her absolute best qualities. Seriously. By the age of eighteen months, she was already thinking she was "big enough" and wanting to help with a variety of tasks around the house.

And it's sweet. It really is so sweet. And one day, when I hand little Cinderella her fabulously long list of chores to do, it will come in reeeeally handy.

That said... Sometimes, just sometimes, I would like to just do it (whatever "it" happens to be) myself. Usually it's in an effort to get things moving and get us out the door to wherever it is that we're supposed to have been thirty minutes ago.

Here is a snippet of the conversation I had with Sophie this morning (...and every morning, for that matter):


Me: "Good morning, Sophie, you ready to get up?"

Sophs: "I do it!"

Me: (She sleeps in a crib.) "No, honey, let me help. You will fall out and land on your head."

Sophs: "Mama, I doooooooo it!"

Me: ( I help her out.) "Let's go downstairs now." (She runs like the wind to the stairs...)

Sophs: "I do it!"

Me: "Okay. But don't go down like that. (She's headed down head-first, about to go into a log roll maneuver.) Be careful, the stairs are really steep and they're not to play on."

Me: -Later, attempting to help her down from her highchair after her milk...

Sophs: "No, Mama. I do it!" (Despite the fact that every single time she scrapes her back, says, "Eee-ouch!", and then lands in a heap on the floor.)


Every. Single. Thing that I do...

Whether it's the dishes, or mopping the kitchen floor, or doing the laundry, or folding the clothes, or cooking, or putting on my make-up, or getting dressed, or (*insert any other task here*), sweet Sophie is right there beside me, yelling, "I do it, Mama!" Even when I tell her I'm just going to run to the bathroom for one second, there she is yelling, "I do it!" ...And, speaking of which, why is it that when I have to use the bathroom, I always have a little "assistant" in there with me, yelling "I so proud of you, Mama!" whenever I do my business? (Since potty-training she is quite the little encourager.) Yet when her father goes into the bathroom, she leaves him totally alone, free to read an entire library of books for an hour?

I know this is not a "problem" specific to me.

I understand that this is Motherhood.

But answer this for me...

Why don't I ever hear "I do it!" when it's been five days since her last poop and I tell her it's time to sit on the pot? Or when I tell her it's time to pick up her toys? Or when I tell her it's time to take a bath to get ready for bed?

Her response, without fail, to those statements?

"Oh, no thank you, Mama."

Uh huh. A bit selective in our "I do it!"-ing, perhaps?

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sarah p said...

sounds to me (in all of my parental wisdom) that this is just a gosh, she's so darn cute! i love the top picture you put in this post.
i love that she's such an encourager to YOU in the bathroom. that's really funny!

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