Thursday, August 2, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Today we closed on our new house in Arkansas. (Ahh. There's nothing quite like draining your savings account to make you feel all alive and tingly! ...And don't let anybody fool you, closing by mail is not as easy-breezy as it sounds. Especially when New Mexico law dictates that your paper-signing "witness" be somebody who knows you well and can testify to your character, instead of just some random person at the bank, like the AR Closing People told us to expect. Good 'ole George the Realtor - he doesn't really know us "well", but he came right over and testified that we were pushy, obnoxious, and neurotic about house cleaning...and then signed as our witness. Hee! Poor man, he's earning his money in this whole house-selling gig.)

Our new place has lots of space. (As in, our current house could fit into the upstairs bonus room.)

Our new place has wood floors in several places. (Wood floors! I've always dreamed of wood floors! Sophie can puke her little guts up and swoosh...I just wipe it away. Hip hip hooray for fewer reflux-trashed funky carpets that have to be professionally cleaned every two months!)

Our new place has a lush yard with gloriously green grass!! (We'll be mower owners, people! It'll actually take a gas-powered machine, not just a pair of scissors, to trim the "lawn".)

Now if only we had the stuff to put in our new house. (Hmm.) O-well. It'll be fun to grow into. Plus, big empty rooms can accomodate guests galore. We'll just stack everybody in there end-to-end, like sardines!

Oh...and then there's the dining room. Yes. It's a tad bold. (As in: the glowing inferno of the sun is a "tad bold".) But I absolutely love it! Not just the vibrant color. But the cool textured "I'm-in-Tuscany" walls as well. (By the way, the painting is ours to keep. Woo hoo! Three cheers for being one of "those people" and asking that it be included with the sale of the house.)

Man. I don't want to wish my life away...

But August 29th can't get here fast enough!


Anonymous said...

we can't wait for you to join us in our great state!! kathy & steve

sarah p said...

LOVE the house! Congrats on signing your life away. Isn't it always a teeny bit scary too? (It is for me, anyway) You guys will be SO very happy in your new home with lush grass, wood floors and shiny wood floors. LOVE the painting, too. nice work.

Anonymous said...

wzzsaYeah, we're pretty ready too. Faf

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