Monday, July 30, 2007

Hip Hip Hooray!


sarah p said...


what an answer to prayer! when did this all happen?

so happy for you guys! i know this is a HUGE weight off of your shoulders before leaving...see, God's timing is always perfect. (might scare us to death, but perfect)

Kristy said...

I know! Can you BELIEVE it?!

There we were going along...nothing...nothing...and then out-of-the blue, an offer. A really good offer!

Within a couple of hours of getting the word from our agent, we had signed the thing and it was official.

And this is crazy -- when we were outside taking pictures of the super snazzy "sold" sign, this couple drove by and said, "Oh, man, you sold it?" I said, "Yes!" She then turned to the man, whopped him on the shoulder and said, "See! I told you we should have made an offer last weekend!"


Isn't that just typical - nobody wants it until somebody has it...and then everybody wants it. Sheesh!

It's truly such an amazing answer to prayer. NOTHING in the entire subdivision has sold for quite a while...and we sold ours! Thank you, God!! (Several of our neighbors, who have been on the market WAAAY longer than we have, are understandably super envious.)

Thank you guys for praying!

Number 31 said...

Move...move now, please. :-)

Val said...

YEY! Congratulations. What a load off!

Robert English said...


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