Saturday, July 14, 2007

Have a birthday, Mama!

Well, I turned thirty-five on Wednesday. (Cripes, I remember when I thought thirty was the epitome of "old". Now thirty is sounding younger and younger the farther I drift away from it. It doesn't help that I threw my back out of whack trying to grab Sophie in a dead-run to vacate the house before a realtor arrived to show it. Now I'm all hunched over and crooked, feeling nice and elderly. I seriously considered seeing if I could get my hands on a walker today. ...That certainly doesn't help in the "feel old" area.)

Anyway, Sophie and Russ made me some birthday cupcakes. They were beautiful - with pink and purple sparkly sprinkles. Sophie was the Head Decorator and was very impressed with herself. They had me wait upstairs, out of the way, so that they could release their creative geniuses as chefs (also so I wouldn't freak out at the sticky mess that was everywhere). After a little while, Sophie suddenly appeared beside the bed, out-of-breath and yelling, "Come look, Mama! Your birthday cupcakes are ready!!" She was so excited, it was really sweet. I ran downstairs and she and Russ sang "Have a Birthday" to me (Sophie's version of "Happy Birthday"). Sophie then asked to blow out my candles. And then she asked to re-light them and blow them out again. And again. ...And again. Seriously, she must have done it forty times. This would have gone on indefinitely, had Party Poopers Mom and Dad not said, "ENOUGH."

It was great fun! Her sweet little voice singing, "Have a birthday to you. Have a birthday to Maaa ma..." is just priceless.

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