Monday, July 23, 2007

Bringing up Baby Huggums


Dear Mooms and Fafa,

Thank you for my Baby Huggums. We are pretty much inseparable these days. Today we went with Mama to the post office to mail Aunt Manda's package to her. But it wasn't really as exciting as we thought it would be and Baby Huggums got kind of restless and started reaching for all the stamps, stickers, pens, and cool envelopes up on the counter. I had to tell her, "Baby Huggums, no touching!"

I'm taking very good care of her. I change her diapers. I sing to her and rock her to sleep. I read lots of books to her. I wrap her up all nice and tight in her favorite blanket. I put a band-aid on her sore foot, just like the Hello Kitty one Mama gave me when I scraped my arm. And I give her lots and lots of hugs and kisses.

I am an excellent mother.

The one thing I forget to do is feed her. (Huh. Imagine that?) ...But she seems to be doing just fine, despite that teeny oversight. ...And I did give her a lick of my grape sucker today, if that counts.



Anonymous said...

Dear Sophie, sounds like you're taking excellent care of Baby Huggums; what a good mother you are! I love the first and last pictures of you. Just a tiny reminder to FEED YOUR BABY!! Love, Mooms

sarah p said...

Those cheeks in that one shot (where she's gazing into Baby Huggums' eyes) make me want to squeeze them! Very cute post.
What a good little mama. She's ready for a little brother/sister! =)

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